Dimitrios Tsourtsoulas,  AFIAP
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Photo Retouching and Restoration


                                  Photo retouching and restoration   

 This is a list of services I offer applicable to any photograph,regardless to size, shape or age.



Facial enhancement: Includes clarifying and smoothing the skin (lip color enhanced & wrinkles smoothed), erasing blemishes, scars and other imperfections.

Body:  Naturalizing of skin tones, skin smoothing and fixing wrinkles clothing.

Background: Objects can be removed, or new backgrounds added.

Color adjustment or corrections: Body or background tone enhacement. Parts of photos that are damaged (scratches, spots, stains, cracks or missing)  can be restored.


Black & white conversion. professional shading and toning: which include converting to black and white, sepia, etc. I can transform a photo into a work of art.

Glamorizing: Those who want to have portfolio quality pictures just send me your photo and the things I can do include:

Retouching of  blemishes, scars and other imperfections, evening skin tone imbalances, removing wrinkles,  naturalizing skin tones, removing red eye.   Alterations of background distractions,  color correction and enhance contrast and exposure are also available.

I can convert color to black and white or make black and white into color . Remove, add or change the background. All photo repairing. (restoring torn, damaged or faded photographs).

Add frames and other borders to your photos. Crop your image . Remove  unwanted objects or people or add people (joining two pictures) and  add text to your images.

Basically send me any photo and I will send you back a professional digitally enhanced version that you will treasure!



Pricing is based on each project. Contact me for further information.