Dimitrios Tsourtsoulas,  AFIAP
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About Me

Born in Kastoria, Greece in 1955 I emigrated to America where I worked for seven years and took the opportunity to study the art of photography at the Germain School of Photography in New York.
In 1984 after  graduating from the school and apprenticeships in some of the finest photo studios in New York I returned to Kastoria. In that year I opened what has become a successful professional studio. 
In 1998 the International Federation of Art Photography awarded me AFIAP (art photographer) in recognition of my successful contributions to the world of photography in Greece.
In choosing a photographer you must look at the total picture. Experience, expertise, the art and the love of photography, should be apparent in one's work. I hope that you find these things when looking at my portfolios.
I believe in the marriage of tradtion with modern day photography but as an art I fight hard to maintain a sense of everlasting timeless photos.
Greater than my love of photography is my love of Kastoria. In my Private Collection series I hope you see the beauty in this city through my eyes.