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Agios Giorgios Omorfokklisia

Omorfokklisia "In the Municipality of Agia Triada, at a distance of 4 km from the village Pentavrysos, is a small stone church dedicated to Saint George. It is a cruciform church with a narthex built in the late 11th century, which is better known as Omorfokklisia.. Omorfokklisia owes its title and reputation to the unique beauty of its design and decoration that includes ceramic plastic decoration on the exterior walls, elaborate frescoes and a whole body woodcut picture of St. George of exceptional art, and a height of 2.86 meters, which is considered miraculous and is a reference point to its historical and cultural value. This sculpture of the 13rd century is connected, like most of the frescoes, with the dynasty of Paleologoi, but its style refers to Western standards, which gives it a special character towards traditional religious paintings.. According to tradition, the picture was transferred from Ioannina on a sled carried by two sisters, but in fact its construction is attributed to a local workshop of Arta or Kastoria.. The rumor concerning this miraculous icon attracts many believers who come to Omorfokklisia every year during St. George?s celebration to submit and pledge to the Saint, while they stick coins on the glyph." ifms
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